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#1 Don't Want to Miss a thing
Performed by Reid

 The love song from Armageddon is one of the best love story and action movies. Aerosmith's greatest love song and personally one of my favorite songs in general. Now in a form of a trumpet solo for Valentine's day. Enjoy this solo if you choose to pick Don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith.

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#2 Shenandoah
Performed by Micah

Shenandoah is probably one of my absolute favorite folk songs. The song isn’t explicitly a love song, but the lyrics do cover the adoration for a river (a tributary of the Mississippi), which symbolizes a woman that was once loved, now gone. Overall, I think it is a beautiful piece that conveys an appropriate mood for any valentine.

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#3 Theme from the Notebook
Performed by Miriam

This song was made for the piano but sounds passionate on the trumpet. It’s slow and emotional, and it’s the theme for the romantic movie, The Notebook. 

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#4 I only have Eyes for you Performed by Jacob

I Only Have Eyes For You- The Flamingos 

The song is about loving someone so much that you couldn't ever think of anyone else in the same way you think about them. It’s a slow paced love song, great for slow dancing or just a nice night relaxing on the couch.

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#5 Grenade  Performed by Jonah

“Grenade” is a trumpet solo with piano accompaniment about self sacrifice and love until the end. This is shown through a smooth lyrical song that is very heavy and powerful. This song is not very light hearted and is very direct.

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#6 She Loves You Performed by Brady

This tuba solo with accompaniment is a great piece, because it has a light bouncy tune to it.

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#9 Mama Mia Performed by Max

Do you want to surprise a loved one this valentines day? Well then Mamma Mia on the trombone is a sure way to give them that surprise. The song is known and loved by everyone and will be sure to cheer up a loved one.

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#10 Moondance Performed by Riley

Moondance is the music embodiment of a moonlit dinner. It's elegant, but with a jazzy twist.

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#11 Scenes from an Italian Restaurant Performed by Holly

In this song by Billy Joel, two former flames meet in the Italian restaurant where they used to go together. They catch up and wistfully reminisce about shared life experiences. As you listen to this baritone saxophone solo, be transported to a nostalgic scene “in our Italian Restaurant.”

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#12 Mia and Sebastian's Theme Performed by Rebecca

Mia and Sebastian’s Theme is a well-known song that is easy to recognize.  It was played throughout the award-winning film La La Land.  The movie is about two people who are drawn together by their desire to do what they love. Mia and Sebastian go through many struggles to achieve their dreams in the movie and their relationship is strained as a result. This is a beautiful flute solo that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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#13 Way Back into Love Performed by Rachel

The song “Way Back into Love” is from the popular movie Music and Lyrics, which stars Hugh Grant and Drew Barymore. Anyone who has the movie will be able to instantly recognize this song and be reminded of love. This makes it a perfect song for a Valentine’s Day solo.

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#14 Just The Way You Are Performed by Jack

This is a trumpet solo of “Just the Way You Are,” a love ballad by the famed singer Bruno Mars.The singer praises the beauty of his girlfriend, telling her that the whole world stops when she goes by. It tells the story of unconditional love. He likes her just the way she is, even the things she doesn’t like about herself..

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#15 Blinding Lights Performed by Haleia

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd points to a love that is getting away. This song dives into heartbreak, trying to pull back a love that is drifting away by delivering a strong message that he can’t “see clearly when [she’s] gone.”

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#16 Just the Way You Are Performed by James

This is a solo about telling a girl that she is beautiful no matter what. She is perfect in her own ways. You always will make her feel wanted.

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#17 Do You Want to Know a Secret 
Performed by Daysi

“Do You Want to Know a Secret” tells the story of a love confession through the lens of innocence and sweetness that we all long for. The song was released in 1963 by the Beatles as part of the album Please Please Me. Despite the song almost being 58 years old, there is no denying that “Do You Want to Know A Secret” is a song that continues to be a relatable tale of innocence love.

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#18 Mia & Sebastians's Theme Performed by Kalai

Mia and Sebastian’s Theme, composed by Justin Hurwitz, is from the romantic musical film “La La Land.” This melody reflects the bond between the two main characters, even though it is no longer one of love, but of respect-- signifying just how important each person is in your journey no matter where you are going.

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#19 You Raise Me Up Performed by James

“You raise me up” is about being in a struggle and having someone that has your back and will always be there for you. It's a very emotional and powerful song and is a great way to show someone that you care during these different times.

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#20 Fly Me to the Moon Performed by Anthony

“Fly me to the moon” is centered on the singer (Frank Sinatra) being deeply in love. Fly me to the moon is a metaphor which is based on how he feels about his significant other. The feeling of euphoria when you see your significant other that you feel like you.

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#21 The Swan Performed by Angelina

“The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saens is from the Carnival of the Animals but it is interpreted as a romantic piece. Many people lately are appreciating classical music and some people made videos showing their significant other while playing “The Swan”. This is perfect for valentine’s day because listening to this piece gives a tone of genuine love.

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#22 As Time Goes By Performed by Izzy

“As Time Goes By”, composed by Herman Hupfeld, is the theme of the classic movie Casablanca. This jazzy piece captures the magic of love and heartbreak. It perfectly represents how Rick Blain struggles to decide whether or not to help the woman he loves. Furthermore, "As Time Goes By" shows us that love does not always work out and letting go of your love for someone might be the best thing you can do for them.

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#23 Payphone Performed by Mariah

Payphone, is about a relationship that came to an end and the character in the song is attempting to grasp the reality of the situation. A part of them wants to believe in happy endings and fairy tales, but he is too tired and sad to come to terms with that. The payphone is a metaphor for reaching people they care about.

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#24 Careless Love Performed by Dana

The gentle notes of this clarinet tune conveys the freedom and expression found in the human heart. As a jazzy swing piece, a multitude of emotions abound within these notes. Interestingly, this traditional piece was written by a mysterious and unknown author. Your Valentine will undoubtedly be enthralled by this sweet and loving melody.

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#25 You Stepped Out of a Dream Performed  by Nicholas

The piece of music chosen was picked because it is so different from many other ones. It’s upbeat, classic, and screams jazz. Instead of picking a song that is by the books boring pick one that’s fun. This year’s Valentine’s Day should be spent with the one you love with a song that just makes sense.

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#26 Sunflower Performed  by Noah

Sunflower by Post Malone is featured in the animated movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse”. The song gives a “I love the times we’ve had” type of feeling with the original lyrics speaking of someone who's trying to “Hang in there!” in terms of love

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#27 Way Back Into Love Performed by Josh

This piece, composed by Adam Schlesinger and based on the song, Way Back Into Love, by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore primarily features a single clarinet with melodic piano overtones. These instruments eventually collide with the hard rock sounds of the electric guitar and percussive drums. They all conclusively blend together to create a romantic, free-flowing harmony.

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#28 The Greatest Love of All Performed by Justin

My clarinet solo is an inspiring love song, popularized by Whitney Houston. It conveys the message that everyone has the power to be confident and to express themselves through the love found within. “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” This song sends a message of hope, that we could find the love we have inside ourselves and that it will always lead the way through any challenges we may face, and through the successes we cherish.

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#29 Just the Way You Are Performed by Cassidy

“Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars is a song telling someone that they don’t have to change because you love them the way they are. This song is perfect if you love someone and don’t want them to change anything about themselves. It also serves as a reminder that you look amazing. Even if you don’t see it, everyone knows that you are perfect just the way you are.

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#30 I Just Called to Say I Love You Performed by Carter, Mark and Brad

The chorus’ lyrics start with the words “I just called to say I love you”. There’s no special occasion and no real reason behind it other than to just say “I love you”. To this person, it’s just as important as any other holiday.  This will be sent as a Video Gram.

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#31 The Greatest Love of All Performed by Juan

This song is trying to explain that you only really have yourself and you have everything inside of you to become a confident person. You have the power to bring these walls down that you built up in order for you to become the best version of yourself.

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#32 Easy Living Performed by Manny

This piece is called Easy Living by Billie Holiday. I wanted to modernize the song while still maintaining the buttery smooth quality of the original recording. The honky tonk piano accompaniment has been switched out for electric and rhythm guitar. I hope you enjoy it, and that it captures the spirit of Billie!

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#33 Another Day of Sun Performed by Cameron

"Another Day of Sun" is the opening number from a musical film called La La Land. When this song is played, drivers in a Los Angeles traffic jam on a highway ramp are singing and dancing about their aspirations to succeed in Hollywood. The song itself is very upbeat and hyper, and it struck my eye as something to play for my Valentine’s Gram. I’m not sure how it would relate to love, but I feel like there is some meaning of love in the lyrics of the song

Valentine  Song Grams

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Support the Hart Regiment by purchasing one or more of our Valentine Song Grams.


Students of the Regiment have selected music for this special occasion.  Each song was selected, prepared, and edited by the students.

Read through the descriptions written by the students and preview the song that sounds interesting to you.

Once you have found a song you like, click on the Buy Now button.  At the end of your purchase provide the song number and the email address of the recipient of your song gram.  

Your Gram will be emailed directly to your lucky recipient on Valentine's Day with a link to download the full song.

Thank you for supporting the Hart Regiment

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